Arzs Code of ethics

Regardles of how fast the technology is evolving or the market chages, ethics always stays the same.
We found that since the first philosophers and religions appered the ethics remianed the same. Till our day most of the controvesis topics remains the same. Further more the since discovered in practical experiments that humans have a set of moral values that are hard coded in our DNA. We call them the Human values.

Our Code of Ethics is an enduring framework that guides every aspect of ARZS's existence. It serves as a fundamental pillar shaping all ARZS activities and the conduct of its members. While this Code is strictly enforced, we recognize the importance of avoiding overly restrictive rules and the dangers of veering too far to the right or left in political or ethical guidelines. Our aim is to maintain a balanced approach that promotes integrity, accountability, and responsible decision-making within ARZS's operations and interactions.

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